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LittleMultiClock News

2003-04-08    V1.10 Release
Bug fixes to Time Zone Converter when selecting Day of Week.

2003-04-05    V1.09 Release
Bug fixes to Time Zone Editor and Information Dialog for US DST and STD.

2002-09-09    V1.08 Release
Minor fixes on start and removal of old installation code from app.

2002-09-07    Donations
Donations accepted for Registration.

2001-12-01    V1.07 Release
Better installation of DAO for LittleMultiClock. No Assert. Those who got an assert just needed to re-run LMC.

2001-01-09    V1.06 Release
Using Port 37 now, no longer 13. Now you can serve Inetd Time Daemon on your Linux boxes if need be. This version is more compatible with more servers.

2001-01-07    V1.05 Release
Bug fix. Doesn't tell the user in a message box every time that they are not on the internet if they are not on the internet. This would only happen once until the user actually checked for an update and then not on the internet again.

2001-01-05    V1.03 Release
Clean up. More backend work. Better updating detection. Improved registration. Friendlier text. No longer using F1 key. No longer using country name. First screen text.

2001-01-01    V1.02 Release
When checking for the first time for an update when you are offline it will state that you need to connect to the internet. Using Win32 INI Manipulation Functions for data now. View update info on clock even when rejected update. "Make your selection." text added timezone not selected. Display registration information or need to register information when dialog opens.

2001-01-02    V1.01 Release
Added a feature for notification of updates. Checks once a day for updates. Asks you only once for each new release to prevent spam. We did not want to spam you with update information over email. Open menu option in tray opened dialog box.

2000-12-11    First Release V1.00
Alright! LittleMultiClock Version 1 was just released. Please tell us what you think.

2000-12-04    Development is done.
The powerful time zone editor is done. It will be replacing the time zone wizard for the time being.

2000-10-21    World GMT Database Complete
Thanks to all the people who worked hard to get this done. We will be including it in a future release but not Version 1. We will have a time zone editor that will be used to generate a collection of time zones.

2000-10-20    'About' Page Finished
Please take a look at what LittleMultiClock is about. Click on the 'About' link on the left navigation bar.

2000-10-19    LittleMultiClock Testing Done
No crashes in the software and it runs stable as we have tested all scenerios we could think of. It looks like hard work has paid off, just a few finishing touches to our website and we will be distributing the program in no time. If you notice any problems please let me know us know at

2000-09-25 Registered
Will use this domain name if the software proves profitable. Which I am sure it will.

2000-09-23    First Private Release
We are underway for a public release soon. The majority of our website is now finished.

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