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About LittleMultiClock

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LittleMultiClock is an intuitive application to automaticly synchronize your time clock with one of the U.S. atomic time clocks and it provides useful tools and options in working with accurate times.

Your computer time will always be correct and if one of the time clock servers is down it will try another. You can configure your time clock to update using the predefined U.S. time servers or other time servers you specify.

Extensive run options allow you to run software in the background with no user involvement required. You have the option to minimize, hide, or quit when you close the application.

Updating can take place when you connect to the internet. If you have a constant internet connection, update on a specified hour time interval. Synchronize your time when Windows begins. When you are in another country and want to sychronize your time with a US time server, set a margin of error in +/- seconds. Manually push a check button to check your time whenever you want.

Your computer can automaticly set your time, ask for permission to update your time, or never reset your time for you. As your computer checks the time with the time server, your software will tell you the difference of seconds between the server and your computer in a day, hour, minute, second format.

The program will show three clocks at a time. The first clock shows your time synchronized with a time server. The second clock shows another country's time for those who wish to know what time it is in another country. LittleMultiClock features a database to help you quickly find world times and their respective local time on demand. The third clock shows G.M.T. for those interested in internet time that is useful for network administration of email, etc..

Powerful time zone editor allows you to customize predefined time zones and make new time zones. You can retrieve your current time zone information from windows, customize it, and then display it. The database time zone rules are fully customizeable. Through this process, you can add new time zones any government establishes (ie, Knight Standard Time in the Sydney Olympics).

Easily convert your time to another country's time and vice-a-versa using nothing but select boxes.

The surrounding background is customizable. You can choose your windows color theme or make it transparent to the desktop background. The clock can take on a blue liquid crystal display look or the windows color theme also.

Determine when and if it is U.S. Daylight Savings Time by the push of a button.

Michael Steele
Owner, and Programmer

Steele Innovations
Michael Steele
Copyright 2000, 2001 All Rights Reserved

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